Paul Elia

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Artist Statement


I became aware of my artistic strengths and weakness in my early teens.

My weakness was a lack of skill in the traditional art forms of painting and carving. My strengths were my curiosity and my ability to conceptualize a work of art in my mind, to 'see' a work of art before it was created.

In my youth, when I envisioned a piece of art I wanted to make, I began a process of searching for tools to accomplish that vision. My curiosity led me to welding machines, cameras, enlargersā€¦.any process I could use to create my art.

In 2002, while I was enrolled in a glass blowing course at OCAD in Toronto, the College sent me an outline for a new Computer Aided Design (CAD) course. I enrolled and immediately saw the potential for CAD to help me create all the designs and shapes that had been swirling around in my mind for years.

In 2002, I made my first sculpture using CAD as a design tool and rapid prototyping (RP) as a way to make a sculpture. A new world had opened open for me.

I moved away from years of glass blowing to focus on kiln casting glass sculptures - melding the newest technologies of CAD and RP with lost wax and glass making techniques that were centuries old.

How would one describe my art?

A gallery owner observed that my style is a "curious mix of soft curves and sharp edges - where the curvilinear meets the rectilinear".

In my glass art I use variations in depth to allow light to create motion and energy in my work.

My focus has expanded to the creation of bronze sculptures, allowing me to create larger works and adding themes of balance and tension into my art.

I use trompeĀ l'oeil - fooling the eye in my art. I am a bit of a prankster - what you see in one profile of my work is not what you see in another.

When you view my art my hope is that it inspires you, energizes you.


Paul Elia