When I think about process, I look back to my earlier tasks in art and see the revolution that has taken place.

Drawing was never easy for me and as a youth I made much use of both paper and erasers.  Mistakes meant most often starting over – from scratch.

In university I stumbled onto photography.  I lost a bathroom and gained a darkroom.  Process changed.  

Exposing a film for a few seconds longer created an image that was just different, not thrown out.  Bending a piece of print paper under the enlarger distorted the image.  A different bend, a different result but more kept than were discarded.

Welding taught me about the process of balance and strength – figuring out how a heavy base would be required to allow a sculpture to lean when it looked as though it should fall down.  Steel held in place using an arc of electricity.

Most recently, new technology created the biggest change of all – Computer Design coupled with the tools of 3D printing, machine milling, hot wire foam cutting, lasers and more.

The process of creating something is perfected on a screen, reviewed and examined – mistakes most often caught before a sculpture is ‘made’.

The delete button on my keyboard is now, my eraser. 

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